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Spring Break Art Camp 

 Landscape Painting,

Woodblock, Clay

March 29 & April 1-5

For ages 4 and up

Half Day: 9:00am-12:30pm

Half Day 12:30pm-3pm

Full Day 9:00am-3pm

Key Ideas

  • Woodblock Painting

  • Landscape Painting

  • Clay

Why is it important?


  • Woodblock painting allows students to paint on a circular block of wood. The unique shaped canvas makes for a beautiful decoration.

  • Landscapes will provide an understanding of how shapes and color are affected by space.

  • Clay stimulates the child's curiosity, encourages experimentation, and allows them to create 3 dimensional objects.

  • Students will develop artistic skills with open-ended result.

(All supples are included​)

Please pack snack and lunch. (no nuts containing food please)


Seats are limited, Please RSVP.

If you don't see the day and time you are interested to select, please contact us.

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