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1 month-90 min classes

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Perspective Drawing



  • Perspective is what gives a three-dimensional feeling to a flat image such as a drawing or a painting. In art, it is a system of representing the way that objects appear to get smaller and closer together the farther away they are from the viewer.

  • Students will learn how to create the illusion of 3 dimensional objects with the use of shadows and highlights.

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Pen & Ink Drawing



  • Drawing with pen and ink allows the artist to create strong areas of contrast. Most ink drawings are completed using black inks on white surfaces which leads to heavy contrast in value. Many artists choose to exploit this contrast.

  • Our classes are a detailed study in light and shadows.

  • With more or less pressure on the pen we create darker or later shades.

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Anatomy Drawing



  • There is a point in every student’s career when they try to draw the human body and something doesn’t turn out the way they wanted.

  • Hands are difficult to draw but very important, in many pictures we have hands holding objects or doing things. 

  • This studies should help our students to be more skilled in that.

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  • When it comes to drawing hands or feet, as you know they can be difficult to draw, the best practice is to study the bones.

  • We will study different positions of feet.

  • These studies should help our students to be more skilled artists.

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