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Why Art is Important?

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Art is everywhere. You see it wherever you go. Can you imagine a world without art? Earth has many beautiful wonders and mother nature produces some stunning artwork. But there’s something about the individuality of humans and our creative minds. Here are 5 reasons why art is important to our world and why you should never stop being creative. 1. Art tells a story Art in its many forms – writing, sculpture, music, dance, painting – tells a story. Historic art tells a story about society and how our cultures were, giving us insight and different perspectives. As artists, it’s not just any story you are detailing on a blank page or canvas. It’s a story told through your filter. It’s a story that has your unique take on the world. It’s a story that has captivated your own imagination. 2. Art is healing

Art is a great way to calm yourself and decrease stress levels. If you make regular time in your schedule for creativity, you’ll instantly start to see results in how you feel. 3. Art Increases creativity Art and creativity go hand in hand with one another. The more you work on your art the more creative you’ll get. Also, looking at art and exposing yourself to other creative mediums will inspire more ideas, and have you thinking differently. 4. Evokes emotions in people Art is important because it has the power to move people and sometimes an entire nation. Think of films or songs that have gone viral around the world and created either awareness or inspired others to do great things. 5. Art makes people happy

Art increases dopamine which leads to positive sensations in us. It improves the connectivity between memory, self-monitoring, and introspection. It maximizes our power to focus and betters our problem-solving abilities, enhances the health of your mind and body, delays aging. As you can see, art is important to our planet and essential to humans. At Cre8sArt, art is our core value and the meaning of life. Everyone, who wants to always have a good mood, stay healthy and be creative are welcomed to join Cre8sArt at one of our locations in New Jersey. Source:

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