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Cre8sArt - Art for Everyone

Cre8sArt was founded in 2012 in the US, New Jersey. The art school has three locations in the state of New Jersey - Fort Lee, Hoboken and Glen Rock.

As an art school for all ages, we strive to attain the essential balance between mastering fundamental skills and encouraging students to trust the creative process. Our mission is to educate and inspire students through art to reach their fullest potential as creators and artists. Cre8sArt School gives you a voice to express yourself, learn to turn your imagination into reality.

In all three locations our students learn drawing, digital art, sculpture and many more classes offered by Cre8sArt.

Every student is different and it is important for us to tailor our approach to each student’s needs and to provide the necessary personal attention to assist the student with the attainment of his/her goals. Our instructors have an extensive background in fine art, with B.A. and M.F.A. They teach to explore students' cre8tive mind.

Our continuous art camps help students explore new and different things and get to know the world of art more closely.

For all art lovers who value time and quality, Cre8sArt School is the best place where students have a great opportunity to increase their self-awareness, allowing them to be open to new ideas and experiences.

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