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Art Classes for GRADES K-2



Art is one of the most important building blocks of a child's development. Working and learning in a creative manner has been shown to benefit a child’s motor skills, language development, decision making, and so many other skills sets.

At this age it is important for the children to begin thinking creatively and make artistic decisions by working on projects that relate their artistic interests to their everyday concerns. It is crucial for our instructors to get to know the interests of their students and assist on projects that matter specifically to each one of them. 

Our teachers encourage kids to think outside of the box, to consider different perspectives, and to invent ideas instead of simply following directions, which leads to happier and more confident kids.

What will they learn:

  • Students begin to think creatively, critically, and make artistic decisions

  • Students work with a variety of subject matter from realism such as animals and landscapes to fantasy and cartoons

  • Student explore and experiment with various mediums and medias to begin getting comfortable with artistic materials


Grades K-2 Art Mix

Our personalized art program allows students to explore the medium and subject matter of their choice – from drawing & painting to collage & sculpture.

GRADES 3-5 Crafts.jpg

Grades K-2 Crafts

Student explore a wide rage of three-dimensional media such as sculpture, reliefs, and collage.

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